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Are you considering moving to a smaller town? Maybe a move to Milton Keynes? It was one of the ‘New Towns’ established in the 1960s to deal with the post-war baby boom’s significant housing deficit. To avoid the problems of organic development that have plagued many of the United Kingdom’s other major cities, this one was meticulously planned from the outset. Aside from the fact that it’s a great place for commuters, Milton Keynes has several other advantages. And we intend to highlight them in today’s article.

Top reasons why people choose to move to Milton Keynes

This year didn’t start off well for most of the Earth’s population. You’ve probably heard a lot about an upcoming recession. And if you’re looking to prepare for that, Britmove is here to help you. A move to Milton Keynes is probably the best decision. No matter where you’re coming from. Milton has one major advantage. Its’ location. This location is perfect for a number of reasons, which we will discover in this article. If you’re planning a move here, you better do it as soon as possible. While the housing market is still stable. Without further ado, here are some of the most common reasons people move to Milton Keynes.

1. Less traffic

People move to this area since it is so convenient to go to work. Although the town is “not only a commuter town,” its location is nonetheless a major selling advantage. Having been built from scratch as a New Town, the transportation system has first-rate rail and road connections. More than 200 miles of bike paths and “redways” (paths used by both bicycles and walkers) crisscross Milton Keynes, and the region is mostly level, so commuting to and from work by bike is an option for many residents. If you come from a big city, living in Milton Keynes will surely give you those main character vibes. Because parking is thoughtfully planned and seamlessly interwoven into the town’s general architecture, driving around town is easy.

If you want to commute to another city from Milton Keynes, you’ve picked a good spot: it’s around midway between Oxford, Cambridge, and Birmingham. You may easily go to Manchester by train and car from here. So, if you’d like to move your household to Milton Keynes, feel free to contact removal companies Milton Keynes anytime.  Many individuals choose to live in Milton Keynes since it is only a 35-minute train ride from London’s Euston station, and they can take advantage of the lower-than-London housing costs.

2. There’s plenty of greenery

Did you know that open green space covers two-fifths of Milton Keynes’ area. Milton Keynes, while having more than 130 roundabouts and an American grid system, has a surprising amount of green space and lovely parks for its citizens. Milton is far less polluted than some nearby areas. Even light pollution is reduced to a minimum. It’s possible to enjoy an outdoor water park or a high ropes course in Willen Lake South Park, one of Milton Keynes’ 200 parks. Other options include Campbell Park’s sculptures and a game of local cricket, as well as Linford Lakes Nature Reserve, where you might see herons, otters, owls, or deer in their natural habitat. Weekends might be spent taking strolls or riding bikes around the neighbourhood.

3. A housing market with reasonable price points

Even while the number of individuals looking to live in Milton Keynes and commute into London for work has increased, the cost of a property there is still among Buckinghamshire’s lowest. There are a number of popular areas for young professionals looking for serviced or unserviced apartments in the city’s downtown area, including The Hub, the Theatre District, Vizion Development, and Charter House, which are all highly sought-after by those looking for a central location to socialize.

A well-planned road network separates a variety of family-friendly home projects and estates in Milton Keynes. To choose which region is ideal for your family, look into nearby school catchment areas and join a discussion thread about family-friendly neighbourhoods in Milton Keynes. If you’re moving to Milton in a hurry, feel free to call our disposal service Northamptonshire at any time.

4. There are plenty of job opportunities

Milton Keynes, a town with a thriving retail and entertainment industry, has one of the highest start-up rates in the nation. So many individuals launch their own successful enterprises in this vibrant town almost every week. Additionally, development has been spurred by the UK and foreign corporations investing in a wide range of industries. The development of the automobile industry is also appearing on the horizon for the future. If you’re thinking about moving here for a job, removals Northampton will be happy to help you out.

5. If you have kids, you’ll have many good schools to choose from

Milton Keynes has a large number of schools and institutions that have received good inspection ratings, which is good news for parents with young children. Schools and colleges in MK have been rated “Outstanding” by OFSTED 35 times so far, while there have been 70 “Good” ratings. Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire also have a number of excellent private schools and kindergartens as well.

Final Note

If you choose to move to Milton Keynes this year, you will not regret it one bit. The housing market in Milton Keynes is expected to grow, and with it, the prices are expected to soar as well. As it is becoming a high-demand area. Now is the best time to make the move. If you need any help, we’re here to assist you, as always.

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