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How to stage a house for sale?

We all know how important first impressions are. A solid first impression is essential, in particular, when you’re attempting to sell your property. Your potential buyers will create an opinion about your house approximately in the first 7 to 10 seconds of entering the door. Many people form an opinion even before they enter the space. So you have to make sure that both the exterior and interior look great. In today’s article, we’ll try our best to show you how to stage a house for sale so that it looks more appealing to potential buyers.

The best ways to stage a house for sale

Research shows that homes staged for sale sell more quickly. Naturally, nobody likes to look at walls and empty spaces. You’re not buying a concrete box, after all, you’re buying a home. Luckily, we at removals Northamptonshire are here to share some of the best tips for home staging.

1. Get rid of all the clutter

This is the first rule of home staging. You need to get rid of all the clutter in your house as soon as possible. Throw it away or store it in a safe place. Clutter-free floors and surfaces are essential, as are well-organized cabinets in case of nosy visitors. Make sure you have nothing in your cupboards if you don’t have much time for organising everything neatly. If you need someone to help you remove all that clutter, removal companies Northampton are just a phone call away. 

2. Make sure your floors are looking (and sounding) good

Ensure that all carpets are clean and that squeaky flooring is repaired. Make sure there are no visible scratches and try your best to hide them. In order to give your floors the finest possible appearance, consider having them re-waxed or re-stained.

3. Try out different rugs to see what works best

Rugs may either provide warmth and cosiness to a space or make it seem smaller. Try it out and see what happens. Make sure that the front legs of your couch or bed are sitting on the rug. The size of the rug really does matter. Rugs are great ways to cover up some scratches on the floor if you don’t have much time for repair.

4. Make sure you have real plants in every room

Plants can bring so much life into space. You shouldn’t fill the space with plants. Don’t go overboard. But a few plants here and there can really help. Put a small plant even in the bathroom. You want your home to seem lived in and cared for, so there must be a presence of healthy plants in every room. You can also pop a bouquet of flowers in the hallway, kitchen or living room.

5. Pay attention to furniture placement

Furniture arrangement is an important factor in making a space seem bigger and welcoming. As a rule of thumb, people look from left to right while scanning a room. The room will look bigger if the tallest piece of furniture is placed in the room’s far left corner. So make sure you pop a big lamp or even a plant near the left corner.  If you need help with arranging and carrying in the furniture, furniture dismantling and assembly Northamptonshire can help you. 

6. Make up the beds nice

You shouldn’t go all out and make your bed like in a hotel, but do make it a little better than you would on a typical day. Check to see if you have a few extra cushions and a couple of euro pillows. And pick some nice neutral covers for them. Make it look cosy. Matching the colours of your bed to the colours in the artworks on the walls, if you have any, is also a good idea. And it should make the room look a whole lot cosier.

7. Keep your doors open

By keeping the doors open, you are making your house seem more welcoming to potential buyers. To make a good first impression, make sure the room’s primary selling elements can be seen from the entryway. This is very important. The actual front doors don’t have to be open when they pull up to your entryway. If required, paint them to make the house look a little bit more appealing.

8. Cohesion is very important

It’s important to have a sense of harmony and balance throughout your entire home. Begin at the entrance, since this is where guests will first arrive, and ensure that the concept is extended through the whole space here as well. Throws, pillows, and paintings may all be used to add colour, or they can be used to detract from a space that’s “totally out there.”

9. Paint the fence a dark colour

This is pretty much a fail-safe method for improving your backyard. The dark colour draws attention to the front yard and makes the garden itself pop up. The goal is to move the eye away from the fence allowing the rich greenery to take centre stage. So the yard is really going to stand out.

Final notes

Sometimes, all it takes is a few staging tricks to make your house look more presentable. And it will help immensely in selling the house. If you want to sell your house faster, learning how to stage a house for sale and letting your creative juices flowing can do wonders. However, your house doesn’t have to look perfect. Houses that look tidy and cosy, but you can still see that it’s lived in a little bit are usually the best sellers.

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